Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Pack of Wolves

The objective of this project was to design a pack of wolves, and to do a landscape painting which included the pack. In the pack, there was supposed to be a "jokester" wolf, a blind wolf, and an older wolf. In preparing for the project I watched a documentary called "Living with Wolves", and was surprised to see just how gentle and family oriented they could be. They operate on a "class" system with one wolf being in charge of the others (The Alpha Wolf). The Alpha Wolf calls the pack together, leads them around, and even designates when the other wolves are going to eat. Many times this mostly effects the "Omega Wolf", or the wolf with the lowest ranking of the pack. Many things can factor into who becomes the Alpha wolf, and who becomes the Omega wolf, but it never seems to be based on one specific thing.

Anyway, the documentary actually commented on one wolf who actually played the role of a "Jokester" to alleviate tension in the group. I thought that was pretty interesting....

In preparation of the landscape painting I did a couple landscape color studys just to get myself thinking in those terms. I think some of those actually came out stronger than the final painting.

Hope you dig!