Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thought I'd celebrate by painting the holiday's new mascot ;)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, I can't remember exactly how this one came about other than that it began as a conversation I was having with my brother and my cousin. Something about protest groups, and how sometimes it seems that they'll find anything to raise a stink over. The idea of a group walking around somewhere with signs that say "Save Sasquatch" seemed like a funny (and not even all that far-fetched of an) idea to me. So it's been floating around in my head until I could finally put it on

I was thinking about blurring out sasquatch into a barely recognizeable blob, since most of the "pictures" documenting his existence are blurry. But I wasn't sure if it would come across right.

Anyway, all that for a stupid idea...
There ya go.

The Terrible Tentacled Tickler

This is a drawing I did for the latest Fish Barrel (blog) challenge. The topic was "Sailors vs. Sea Monsters". My monster is known by sailors as "The Terrible Tentacled Tickler". It kills it's prey by catching them in it's tentacles, tickling them so they laugh uncontrollably, and then dragging them below the water while they are laughing, thereby drowning said victims. It is a formidable adversary indeed.

*As a side note, I have lately been inspired by the art of Nate Wragg (blog linked at the right), so any resemblance between my work and his is purely out of admiration/exploration.