Thursday, July 10, 2008

Extra Extra Read All About it!

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to share some exciting news with you all!
Dice Tsutsumi, Enrico Casarosa, and Ronnie Del Carmen are heading up a HUGE gallery in September called the Totoro Forest Project, and I was asked by some coworkers to join!!

It is going to be a charity auction, and all the proceeds will go to the National Trust Totoro Forest Foundation, founded by Hayao Miyazaki.

The auction event will be held Saturday, Sept 6 at Pixar Studios, followed by two seperate exhibitions held at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum.

The official website for the gallery is up and running here (although some parts are under construction, so if certain areas don't work, please check back!) :

It's going to be an AMAZING show featuring approximately 200 of the industry's most amazing artists , so PLEASE check it out.

Details of the event, along with all of the artwork donated for the show are posted (or will be posted) on the website.

Please swing by!

News Team Assemble!!!!!!

(Below is a little detail from the piece I did. To see the full piece check out the website or see it in person at the gallery! ;)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lookin Good...

I'm not gonna lie--
I've been pretty intrigued by the carwreck that is Amy Winehouse
as she's been making all of her graceful appearances in the media.
One of those "so bad you can't look away" sort of deals.

Well, I just came across this photo of her (which is by far not one of her worst ones),
and for whatever reason had the urge to draw it.

So here it is.